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bal vir hanuman Lockets , pendant it destroys negativity, it is profit for small kids. 😄 it also save kids from evil eyes and black magic but only small kids and it is made small , beautifully made and from good quality and it is very cheap when you buy it by this your budget will save but it is very expensive, exclusive things in seeing thinks to see this.
MAHAKAL PENDANT !!"JAI MAHAKAAL"!! mahakal is the supereme god of shiva . he is the giver of happiness & blessings he fullfuill all wishes , if worshiped with a pure heart . he destroys negative energies like hatred, jealously, anger & selfishness wearing this locket provides strength , courage, bravery, it is made up of brass metal , gold plated finishing with naino graphic lens in it , it is a techniqueused to effect extremely small text and images onto a very small area. the mahakaal locket has been energized , (charged) by 11000 mahakaal mantra . in this there is a lense in that lens their are 12 jothirling darshan by doing the worship of 12 jorthiling the person get moksh . it is the best and high quality product and best mahakaal of india . for more information please see our product on gallery product and contact us .
the dreams of devotees of if the god is pleased properly. hence the hanuman chalisa pandent is designed with powerfull mantras written in small miniature which is made by dedha enterprises in delhi , india . it is manufacture for protect us from the evil eyes & black magic
our company manufacture this hanuman chalisa yantra it is a symbol of pawan putra hanuman in this yantra there are spiritual power & the magic of this yantra is that is whole hanuman chalisa is written in a ...... small miniature & hanuman pendant that save people for negetive energy . the hanuman is considerd as the son air [pawan putra ]. hanuman yantra will help students to win in exams & buisness people to earn wealth.
hanuman chalisa is printed in a small miniature form which is visible to naked eyes this yantra is made by dedha enterprises delhi , india . there cannot be a better way of keeping hanuman chalisa around which in fact is like living in the shadow of lords blessings always as it is said no evil can touch the one who is blessed with lords blessigs . it is unique tresure for all devotees . this amazing yantra comes from dedha enterprises in delhi , india