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our company made shani yantra it has the best quality in delhi , india it is for protection from evil eyes & black magic . manufacture by dedha enterprises in delhi , india
exclusive hanuman chalisa yantra from protection from evil eyes and black magic upliftmet in career and business hanuman chalisa yantra is the best lockets manufacture in dedha enterprises in delhi , india
the dreams of devotees of if the god is pleased properly. hence the hanuman chalisa pandent is designed with powerfull mantras written in small miniature which is made by dedha enterprises in delhi , india . it is manufacture for protect us from the evil eyes & black magic
Surya Lockets in brass metal which save us from nazar and give energy It protect on skin disease and save from evil eyes manufacturers from Dedha enterprises in delhi, lndia
hanuman chalisa is printed in a small miniature form which is visible to naked eyes this yantra is made by dedha enterprises delhi , india . there cannot be a better way of keeping hanuman chalisa around which in fact is like living in the shadow of lords blessings always as it is said no evil can touch the one who is blessed with lords blessigs . it is unique tresure for all devotees . this amazing yantra comes from dedha enterprises in delhi , india