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This yantra is a combination of lakshmi yantra and tortoise. Mahalakshmi yantra is considered a yantra of wealth , prosperity and success .Tortoise is one of the four celestial animals Dragons, Phoenix, tiger and tortoise in fengshui practice. It is considered the greatest sign of longevity, stability, steadiness, fortune, support and protection. For more information please check out our Products Gallery and contact us.
Triputi Balaji Brecelets Tirupati Balaji 's brecelet have a mantra which have lots of power, tirupati balaji temple is a very amazing temple and it is also known as lord 'VISHNU' It is located at bangaloro and chennai about 250 km far. there is a mantra in our brecelet by which when we will read the mantra or wear the bracelet of magic then we get lots of benefits and happiness and get avoid from evil things and always get positivety. we have made this wonderfull bracelet by copper brass metal which is 100 % pure and also we made this fully urjustable for you all for more information please check out our product gallery and also contact us .
LORD SAI BABA JI lord sai baba was a incarnation of god and we are pleasure that we have made a brecelet of him for every sai bhakt . sai baba was completely against caste and religions discrimination he thinks that every one is equal and should be equally treated . it is made of copper brass metal which is made of highest quality and 100% pure. and behind this bracelet there are many fasinating facts. if we will have this bracelet then we will have lots of benefits . for more informations please check out our product gallery and also contact us .
Shree Laxmi Yantra Goddess Laxmi is the god of proseperty, happiness, peace. to worship the goddess laxmi and gave happiness to her we have made a shree yantra for you all . this yantra is place on copper's plate then it will be very beneficial by the help of this yantra we all get peace, money , happiness , protect from evil eyes and black magic. for more informations please see our product gallery and contact us .
NAZAR SURAKSHA KAVACH nazar suraksha kavach is the best & easiest way to protecet you from evil eyes . It is outstanding product. it saves our family and product from blackmagic , this is amazing product it gives success. it also protect the kids from evil eyes. it is in highest quality for more information please see our product on gallery product and contact us .